Significant Contribution


The KVK Bidar, primarily a technology dissemination organization has inbuilt mechanism of regular flow of research information for its various extension activities and interventions. Since inception the organization has contributed immensely to the upliftment of farming community. The significant contributions include:

1. Redgram Transplanting Technology

2. Soybean highest area in Karnataka

3. Introduction & popularization of non-shattering and high yielding greengram variety BGS-9 

4. Usage of Chemical Weedicides in Pulses and Sugarcane.

5. Popularization of improved crop variety viz., BSMR-736 in redgram. DU-1 in Blackgram, JG-11 in Bengalgram, CO-86032 in Sugarcane, JS-335 in Soyabean & Suhasini in curry leaf, Arka kalyan in onion.

6. Yield maximizations in Sugarcane, Blackgram, Bengalgram & Rabi Jowar

7. Adoption of ICM practices in Ginger

8. IPM practices in Pigeonpea Ecosystem

9. Introduction and Popularization of Soybean in the district

10. Contour furrow method of irrigation for efficient use of irrigation water

11. Wide usage of bio-fertilizers and bio-agents by small and marginal farmers

12. The dietary patterns of rural families have considerably improved, trainings on such issues have broadened the views of women folk in the rural areas. Rural families are becoming nutrition & health conscious and there is a change in their outlook in terms of hygiene & quality of living.

13. Adoption of appropriate technology by rural women for reducing drudgery at home & on farm.

14. Women empowerment activities by training and capacity building

15. Capacity, confidence and competition building in the farming community

16. Conservation of Natural Resources

17. Processing & Grading of Agricultural Produce